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Workshops and Talks

Sharing my passion for Olives brings me joy. I do public presentations of all types about Olives. For most any sized group. Short talks covering the Olive itself for small groups. Covering the history of the Olive, the history of the Olive in California, the many varieties of Olives, about the trees, when to harvest, how to harvest for more depth. Then talks and workshops about how to make Olives edible. Giving a thorough description of 3 natural processes to de-bitter Olive fruit without lye. The Greek style brine, water and dry salt methods explained in easy to understand terms so folks leave ready to create delicious Olives at home with their Olives. Many groups of all sizes have enjoyed my presentations set to just what their needs would be. They can be 20 or 30 minute briefs to all inclusive, "All about the Olive" 3 hour workshops. I can provide just what your group would like.

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